Big Bang Theory or Why God Said NO to Divorce
 In the beginning there were two Quarks. (excuse me for not going smaller, but the Quarks are the smallest provable part of all matter.) They met and decided they liked each other. Creating a small atom (notice this sounds surprisingly similar to Adam.......).  Now they got along for a while together. Then Quark #2 decides it wants to go off and do something else. Seeing as there was a party going on nearby. Quark #1 refused to let #2 go. Inventing the theory of gravity possibly or even natural attraction, though it was detrimental to partying with other Quarks. God eye balled this problem going on as the argument got pretty loud between the two Quarks. See He was working out something and these two were just near where he was planning something big and had yet to figure out what exactly it would take to create something this big. It was about this time that one of the two made a run for it to go join the party that was going on over there. 

BANG!!!! First splitting of an atom. And God blinked. 

"Damn, That's not good, but hey there's the stuff I needed." He makes a memo that he should not allow divorce to happen again in the far future. Since with life that big bang would be a bad thing........

Mage, Fire and Ice Dilemmas
 If ever there was a time where I thought being a mage was hard. Going to Northrend proved me right. Going up against many of the elementals here makes life so interesting when the heaviest hitting spells I have do nothing besides piss the elemental off. Then using anything besides the cold casting spells it takes forever since I'm not very good at casting those kind of spells. You ever had a mad earth elemental who is immune to cold beating on you while you are trying to get a fireball off to damage it? Not happy. Even Arcane is a joke to these things when cast by a frost specialist. You see an elemental that looks frozen run away is my advice. Go get some heavy hitters who can beat on it while you cast your slow fire and arcane spells at them. Otherwise expect a lot of corpse runs. Unless you've had time to train in multiple disciplines. 

Well I have to go and work on my secondary discipline training. I have to decide whether I like Arcane enough to chance throwing those spells around or will I stick to fire and ice? Later all.

Oh and avoid the mad gnome mages. They're just upset because they are short and ugly. 

 If ever there was a God, there should be one right now. I have heard this spoken by many a people in different words and ways, but it always came back to the doubting of a God. I know God is there. I know He watches over everyone. I also know it must have been easier when there were fewer people in the world to watch over for Him. 

I decided to write something that is based in current fact right now today. There are veterans out there who have no means of supporting themselves. They have programs that would help them if it wasn't for the red tape that the government seems to put on everything. 

Example: HUD VASH

This program is meant to help Veterans, disabled ones especially, to gain permanent and safe residence. Here's the catches: Only if they are truely homeless during the time it takes to get said housing. This means homeless as in no roof over their head the less roof the better and faster they will work. Shelter system is the suggestion from them. No lease, Else you have to get a court ordered eviction or wait until the lease runs out. Again shelter system was suggested. Subsidized or section 8 housing if gotten during this period of waiting or before starting the program you are automatically disqualified for the VASH program as these two programs are paralleling each other. Though they are from different sides of the HUD programs, one being for civilians the other being for military veterans and their families. then if you get into the shelter system they want to be able to contact you regularly. How? You're homeless, maybe have a cellphone with limited minutes (which most times are taken up by telemarketers calling since government numbers are blocked from being seen too)

Example of a shelter within the shelter system they keep pushing these veterans to go into:

The first image is to illustrate how basically civilized we have become. The second is to show a shelter before it is filled with people. See those pads. Those are beds, not just sit here and rest until we bring out the beds. For a disabled person those things are uncomfortable. You get one blanket in most of these places. Thin and woolly military blankets. Now if you have a wool allergy they might have the polyester versions for you. If you are female you might be lucky to find a shelter for female homeless. Though if a woman shows up with kids and you are the only childless woman there. Be ready to move on. Disabled or not, children in a female shelter take precedence over anyone's safety or health. Mens' shelters are usually in the worst neighborhoods. Dirty and lucky if there are enough pads to go around. Neither shelters have decent heating or cooling and you have to be out by 4-5am (6-7am for women in the better shelters) in the morning. You have to get in line for a bed usually by 5pm if they serve dinner before hand. The wait for a bed usually lasts until about 7pm for a dinner, then until 8-9pm just to find out if you are one of the lucky ones and if you were there early enough to get a bed slot. Most shelters turn away 200-500 people a night. In bigger cities they will end up turning away upwards to 2000-3000 people a night for the bigger shelters. They might serve breakfast in the morning for the women with children.

Maybe if people would get out of their self imposed social bubbles and look around. There are houses sitting abandoned, empty, derelict. that could be fixed up, replaced, or any number of things. Then given to these families who need homes. Married couples who get seperated by the current system, families split by shelters because mom has to go to a different shelter with the kids. Dad cannot take his daughter into the shelter who would accept him, but they'll let his son in with him. Social services taking a child from a mother or father who is disabled and unable to get work and the government agencies who are supposed to help have denied her/him multiple times. 

Tell me why America has a homeless problem? With as many help programs as they have to help other countries with their homeless and destitute. Why does America have one of the highest homeless rates in the world? With the amount of surplus they claim they have to these other countries. They should not have anyone on the streets and homeless. 

Writer's Block: Family Is…
What does family mean to you?

Family. Would you mean Blood related or Family that builds up around you? Blood related might not be the family that cares for you and is there for you no matter what. Which is what family is for. Even ancient times family was the closest people around you. Your family changes as you grow older. Only in modern times do we classify friends as seperate from family as a friend was an ally of old. Where you could trust your life with that individual. Family was, and to me at least, a group of people, not related by blood, but by the common caring that they have for one another. 

My blood family abandoned me when I got married without their permission. I have been happily married now for 11 years. While not one of my blood relations has been able to keep a marriage for longer then 3 years. I don't include my grandparents in that family as they were the ones who raised me and helped me get over the problems of a childhood of abuse and neglect.  

A Rogue's Mission
Shadows are the world for a rogue. They are cover, protection, and best friends. Something a good rogue never forgets. Though you have your assassins and your blademasters. They are all about the poisons and the weapons mainly and respectively. Me....I'm all about the Shadows. Now I'm not above using a bit of poison or getting my hands on some nice blades. But, give me a dagger and a good target. I'll take a little longer then an assassin in the killing, but the target won't get away unless they are lucky. From hit one they are stunned and unable to attack back.

Given that, I'm on a mission now. It's not so hard. I just have to investigate and find a certain person within the Dustwallow Marsh area. Now I have about as much intel as the human who is investigating this from his side. An inn was destroyed and there are marks pointing towards the Horde. My faction. Though the footprints that were not so covered as they should have been for rogues like us to find them. They point at Dragonkin. In Dustwallow the Dragons you deal with are Black and mean. They have anger issues dating back before humans and orcs ever became enemies. I have heard rumors of a battle between dragons over something called a demonsoul. The rumors could be true as I have seen the dragon skeletons that litter the world. Now I have to go and further my investigations. I will start a log of my findings and the events around them here. 

Scout to Thrall

Lok'tar Ogar.

Raven Saint: Chicago
Chicago is a big city. It is easy to lose yourself in it. The nightlife is none existent when the weather is bad. With the wind and the moisture from the Lakes it has the climate of the Northwestern states. Only not so green and not so rural. The steel and concrete make Chicago seem like a dead city or at least one that has wished for death. Never in my life have I ever lived in a place so sterile and spiritually dead. Even when I visited Baltimore, Maryland. It had more life then Chicago. Granted the life of Baltimore was more corrupt and downtrodden, but it was still there. Like the difference between a brain dead patient in a hospital and a Disabled homeless veteran. One at least has a chance to better their situation. The other just rots away until someone puts the body to rest.

Now being in Chicago for a while. I see how it used to be when life flowed in it's streets. The vibrant history and the fight to stay a float in the turmoil and the wars that had happened on it's streets. Then the wars were lost to the souless legions that have killed the city's spirit. I walk the streets and see everyday the petty, greedy, and envious strip the last vestiges of life from the ones who live and try to keep Chicago's deep heart alive. Though until life comes back to these streets, life in the city will be nearly impossible.

Here I sit watching the people scurry. That's what they do, scurry. Like rats under the gaze of a hungry cat that plays with them until it decides it really does want to eat. Though they unlike the actual city rats do not help each other. By this, I have seen a city rat attacked by a medium sized dog. The dog was possibly a german shepard mix. The rat was quite possibly a youngster as it was not as careful as the others. When the dog latched onto this rat it squealed. There came from the shadows about half a dozen other rats. At least three were the size of a small cat. The dog never stood a chance. All that was left was raw meat. The dog lived long enough to be taken to a vet to be put down. No one made a move to help the dog. there were 5 others besides myself who saw this. The speed and viciousness was probably the only thing that kept me from acting. The others just stood there and stared until it was over and then went their own ways.  If people stood up for each other the way those rats did for their own. This city would never be in the state it is in now.

Packing up my horn now, it was nice just sitting here watching. People occasionally stopped to drop a few coins in my horn case. At least I didn't play a few of the tunes I could. Yes. It's that horn, but without the will behind the power it's just music. I exalt my Father with music. Too bad others just mouth the words or just pretend and lie to themselves about what they do for my Father. He's their Father too, but they forget that. They hold so many things above Him. It's sad. Well, I have to go. Life calls for me to move forward and to go back into the shadows of the crowds. Watching, waiting. Seeing if there is a reason I shouldn't throw in with my brethren who disagree with His choices. After all Jesus wanted peace and goodwill. See how well that was accepted. Little Brother, you had a good heart, but where are these people that actually took what you said to heart?

Raven Saint: Origin
It was a day like most on this miserable mud ball. I can tell you this. Eden never saw a day like this, but that is another time and era. This era is the days before God decides your fate. Too bad he lost his number one Revelation Front man. Musta been that whole deal with the Morning Star that started it. Again another story for later. Now, let me tell you. There is stuff in Heaven and on Earth that you, as mere mortals, will never understand. Now here is some of that shit. You know God was pretty pissed when he found out he lost track of Gabriel and a few others. You want to know what he did? He created a goon squad to find them. Only thing is with all the humans today, He's pretty bogged down. What with the upstart religions, the splinter groups, and all that. Now back to this day. It was sunny, the clouds grew pretty quickly. Thunder rumbled and people just freaked. Only one person didn't freak. In fact this person seemed to have just appeared on the ground after one particularly bright flash of light. Looked like he had fallen on his sorry face. Punk kid by the looks of it. Gothy too. Pfft. Give it up for the Goths.Now lets get on with the story........

He looked up at the people walking around him. The buildings were huge and shined like water. Only they couldn't be made from water. Could they? He slowly got up. Brushing off his clothes. His shoulders felt tight. Like he was clenching muscles there that had cramped, but were not cramped painfully. He relaxed them and felt the coat shift off his back some. He turned to look into a window, yes that was the water like substance on the buildings. His reflection looked like he was growing a hunch back. He tighted up the muscles again and the coat settled normally. Glancing around, no one noticed him luckily. He had a feeling he needed privacy to see what was up with his back. He rubbed his head where a lump was forming. That would explain the disorientation. Must have hit his head pretty hard when he fell. The face in a window had a youthful look to it. Black hair messily cut, but handsome all the same. He fingered the rosary around his neck. He couldn't think what he had been doing before picking himself off the ground. Heck, what was his name? He looked around panicked, where was he? This was not good, this he did know. He had something he was supposed to be doing, but what was it? He started checking his pockets and pulled out a wallet that was pretty new looking, the ID inside said Raven Saint and that he was a resident of Chicago. Was this Chicago? He looked around, nothing struck him as familiar.

Raven Saint
OOC: Greetings all. This is the beginning of a personal series. It's for an RP character I play occasionally. I'll be posting it under Angels here. Under the Tag: Raven Saint. Get over it my Friend I'm using your Online handle. :p Okay.

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Christmas for an Angel
The city. It is beautiful when you look upon it from above late at night. You do not see the dirt or the grime. The homeless or the destitute. The poor or the rich. You see lights. From the buildings, cars still out, street lights, and bill boards. All colors and sizes. The soft ruffle of a breeze as I sit here and listen to the quiet voices that I hear every day, hour, minute, and second of my life. The Christmas lights are an addition. Little spots of twinkling lights among the normal lights.

I shift my weight on the cornice and get more comfortable. For this is the time of year that everyone remembers the one that was born to give all of humanity a chance at a new life. My horn always at my side. It's a little tarnished with disuse, but that is a good thing. For it has not come a time that I would need it. The prayers this year are for loved ones over seas. There are prayers for the terminally ill. A few selfish Prayers, but they are still in line with some views of what is needed to survive in this modern age. The one above could never have imagined how his favorites would grow after they spread across the world. Their ideas sparkle like so many lights themselves. Though there is a darker side of things. There is a war across the oceans. People dying even on this day that is held holy by so many different cultures. There is not much me or my Brothers and Sisters can do. We have been forbidden to interfere any more, but that doesn't mean we cannot go and help where we can with out directly interfering. Our own War happened one year on this very day. This was eons ago. Before he was born. Many of humanity only celebrated being alive midway through the winter because of this. Then he was born and humanity added celebrating his birth. Then that Saint who was inspired to make children happy as well, got added into it. Good man that Saint, never did have children of his own, but he was a good man. I think of all of this and stare at the lights. Then there is a soft prayer. Not human, but quietly persistent. I lift myself out of my contemplations and memories. Softly I alight and drift like the snow to the ground near where this soft prayer is. I find a young kitten whose mother had just died from being hit by a car. Her soul already gone to hunt among the ferns of Eden. Her little daughter mews as she sees me. I pick the kit up and we stare into each other's eyes. Her pale gold to my soft grey. I fold my wings and smile. Tuck her into my clothing where she snuggles into the warmth. I walk out onto the street and down the sidewalk. Humanity just starting to stir around me. I enter my apartment and no one notices the raven black wings or the small kit as I go into my home on earth. God knows where I am. He knows what I see. Both suffering and the happiness. I close the door and let the kit go to explore. I'll set up a pan for her later and get her some food. A plain white envelope sits on my table. I open it up and there in elegant script with a soft glow about it on soft home made paper. "Merry Christmas Gabriel. -God". I smile. Now I know why I heard the smallest prayer among the many. He does work in mysterious ways.

God Bless and Merry Christmas to you all.


Celestial Navigations - “Horses"
I don’t feel guilty. I don’t feel guilty at all. I’m sittin’ here in this cell, clapped in irons, waitin’ to be hanged in the morning. And I don’t care ‘bout that neither. It all started the day I signed on a square-rigger that was bound for the New World. The crew told me that on the last voyage, they’d run into the doldrums. Now the doldrums is a place out in the middle of ocean where there ain’t no wind. The sea is like glass in every direction. The sails hang like wilted lettuce in the yardarms and the sun is so hot you can hardly breath. It’s not a very large area but you can’t sail out of it.

On the day we was to set sail, I heard the sound of horse hoofs on the dock. I run up on deck and there they was... 30 of ‘em. I’d never seen such gorgeous creatures before. Their faces was beautiful and their coats were shining…. their movements was like a song. I run straight away to the first mate and asked if I could be in charge? And he said, “’Right.” So we marched them on board down into the hold, into their stalls. And then we set sail. All during the voyage I took care of them. I watered them and fed them and cleaned out their stalls. Put around fresh straw too so they’d be comfy. And everyday I’d rub down their legs. You see, horses was born to run and if they can’t move about, they gets awful jittery. So I’d rub down their legs everyday... they seemed to like that. Oh, each one of them had his own special way about him. And I named them all - Blackie and Brownie and Yardarm and Master Duke and so on. I use to steal sugar out the galley - there was a little brown and white Pinto I called Cloudsey - he used to pick it right out of me pocket. Oh, I loved them all. But there was two of them I think I was a little partial to. There was a beautiful mare I called Jessica. She use to shake her head at me every time I walked by. Then there was a very noble looking gentleman with a white blaze down his face. I called him “Eye” cause he looked me right in eye whenever I talked to him and he’d call me too during the day. He’d go, “Wooouuu, wouuuu…“ And I’d say, “Now settle down Eye boy, it’s alright…. I’m right here.” Oh, we had a lovely time down there in the hold, we did.

One afternoon the storm clouds started rolling in and the sea turned to white caps and by nightfall we was in the middle of a ferocious storm. We was being banged back and forth down there in the hold. Me horses was terribly frightened. They was stampin’ about and cryin’ out and pullin’ on their ties. I went around to each one of ‘em and petted ‘em down and called ‘em by name. And I sang ‘em songs. Bawdy songs I’m afraid they was... the kind I learned in the taverns. They didn’t listen to the words but they loved the tunes. And I calmed them down, right there in the middle of the storm. They trusted me after that. They knew that if I was there they’d be alright. And I was always there. I spent all me time in the hold.

Eight weeks out, we run into the doldrums. The ship come to a standstill and the sails hung slack. Late in the afternoon the Captain ordered me to bring the horses on deck. And I marched them up. Oh, they were so happy to be out in the fresh air. They was prancing about and breathing deep. Then we rigged up a crane and pushed it over the side. And one by one we lowered each one of me gentle friends down into the water. They was strung out in two lines. Fifteen and fifteen and them tied to the bow of the ship. The Captain ordered me out in a long boat and we rode out ahead with them. Ahhh, I was so happy for them. They seemed to be enjoying the cool water. When we got out ahead of them, the first mate ordered me to call to Jessica and Eye who was the leaders. When they heard my voice they started swimming toward me and all together the horses began to pull the ship.

We rowed ahead of them all night long. I held up a lantern so’s me beauties could see me. And they pulled the great ship slowly and steadily through the still black water ... Ohhhh, I wish you could have been there. They was magnificent to see -their heads was held high and their eyes was shinin’ and their ears was erect as they trotted slowly and proudly through the water. They swam all night. Then in the morning it turned light in the horizon and the sun peeped up and they was still goin’ strong. I was so proud. “That’a girl Jessica! Good boy Eye, me proud beauty!” And the ship moved on. Late in the mornin’ I could see they was growing tired and thirsty too. I turned to say somethin’ to the first mate but just then a shout rang out from the ship. And we looked back and the sails was beginning to billow. “Ahh.” I breathed a great sigh of relief. The wind had come up. We was out of the doldrums.

We rode back to the ship and as I climbed on board, the Captain said, “Good job lad.” Right there in front of the whole crew, he did. And I said, “Well, thank you sir but it was me horses done the work.”

We hauled up the long boat then I pushed the crane over to begin pickin’ up me horses who was milling about. When suddenly the Captain sang out, “Cut the lines! Make full sail. We’ve got time to make up.” Someone picked up a hatchet and cut the lines to me horses and we started moving forward. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The men was runnin’ around like crazy tryin’ to get all the sails to the wind. But nobody was paying any attention to the horses. I went forward and shouted at the Captain. The first mate jumped in me way and ordered the master-at-arms to throw me off the bridge! He hit me... knocked me down...then pulled out his pistol and pointed it at me and started counting. I jumped up and ran back to the stern. Me horses was already drifted far back. They was swimming trying to keep up but they were so tired they was losing fast. The sea had begun its giant swells again and I’d see their heads at the crest of a wave and then they’d disappear into the trough and then reappear at the crest of a wave. And each time their heads got smaller and smaller. And then they was gone. I just stood out there at the stern gazing into the empty sea. Suddenly way far back I saw a head at the crest of a wave; it was Eye. He was still swimming strong and he called to me, “Wooooaaaaa...” And then he was gone.

I stood out there in the stern for the rest of the day. Just staring into the empty sea. When the night time came I leaned over and picked up a hatchet that was used to cut the lines to me horses and began makin’ me way forward to the Captain’s quarters.

I opened the door and peered in. All the officers was sittin’ around a candlelit table havin’ dinner. They all turned and stared at me. It was unheard of for a common seaman to come into the Captain’s quarters and he said, “Here now, what’s this?” I walked up to him and swung the hatchet and split his head open down to his chin. Then I swung at the first mate and near took his head off. Then I buried the hatchet deep in the master-at-arms’ chest. There was blood and gore everywhere. No one moved. And I was glad for what I’d done.

So now, here I sit in this cell...waitin’ to be hanged in the mornin’. I haven’t slept a wink since then. Not because of what I done to the Captain but because I still hear me beauties calling to me from over the waves."


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