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Mage, Fire and Ice Dilemmas
 If ever there was a time where I thought being a mage was hard. Going to Northrend proved me right. Going up against many of the elementals here makes life so interesting when the heaviest hitting spells I have do nothing besides piss the elemental off. Then using anything besides the cold casting spells it takes forever since I'm not very good at casting those kind of spells. You ever had a mad earth elemental who is immune to cold beating on you while you are trying to get a fireball off to damage it? Not happy. Even Arcane is a joke to these things when cast by a frost specialist. You see an elemental that looks frozen run away is my advice. Go get some heavy hitters who can beat on it while you cast your slow fire and arcane spells at them. Otherwise expect a lot of corpse runs. Unless you've had time to train in multiple disciplines. 

Well I have to go and work on my secondary discipline training. I have to decide whether I like Arcane enough to chance throwing those spells around or will I stick to fire and ice? Later all.

Oh and avoid the mad gnome mages. They're just upset because they are short and ugly. 


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