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Raven Saint: Origin
It was a day like most on this miserable mud ball. I can tell you this. Eden never saw a day like this, but that is another time and era. This era is the days before God decides your fate. Too bad he lost his number one Revelation Front man. Musta been that whole deal with the Morning Star that started it. Again another story for later. Now, let me tell you. There is stuff in Heaven and on Earth that you, as mere mortals, will never understand. Now here is some of that shit. You know God was pretty pissed when he found out he lost track of Gabriel and a few others. You want to know what he did? He created a goon squad to find them. Only thing is with all the humans today, He's pretty bogged down. What with the upstart religions, the splinter groups, and all that. Now back to this day. It was sunny, the clouds grew pretty quickly. Thunder rumbled and people just freaked. Only one person didn't freak. In fact this person seemed to have just appeared on the ground after one particularly bright flash of light. Looked like he had fallen on his sorry face. Punk kid by the looks of it. Gothy too. Pfft. Give it up for the Goths.Now lets get on with the story........

He looked up at the people walking around him. The buildings were huge and shined like water. Only they couldn't be made from water. Could they? He slowly got up. Brushing off his clothes. His shoulders felt tight. Like he was clenching muscles there that had cramped, but were not cramped painfully. He relaxed them and felt the coat shift off his back some. He turned to look into a window, yes that was the water like substance on the buildings. His reflection looked like he was growing a hunch back. He tighted up the muscles again and the coat settled normally. Glancing around, no one noticed him luckily. He had a feeling he needed privacy to see what was up with his back. He rubbed his head where a lump was forming. That would explain the disorientation. Must have hit his head pretty hard when he fell. The face in a window had a youthful look to it. Black hair messily cut, but handsome all the same. He fingered the rosary around his neck. He couldn't think what he had been doing before picking himself off the ground. Heck, what was his name? He looked around panicked, where was he? This was not good, this he did know. He had something he was supposed to be doing, but what was it? He started checking his pockets and pulled out a wallet that was pretty new looking, the ID inside said Raven Saint and that he was a resident of Chicago. Was this Chicago? He looked around, nothing struck him as familiar.


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