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Raven Saint: Chicago
Chicago is a big city. It is easy to lose yourself in it. The nightlife is none existent when the weather is bad. With the wind and the moisture from the Lakes it has the climate of the Northwestern states. Only not so green and not so rural. The steel and concrete make Chicago seem like a dead city or at least one that has wished for death. Never in my life have I ever lived in a place so sterile and spiritually dead. Even when I visited Baltimore, Maryland. It had more life then Chicago. Granted the life of Baltimore was more corrupt and downtrodden, but it was still there. Like the difference between a brain dead patient in a hospital and a Disabled homeless veteran. One at least has a chance to better their situation. The other just rots away until someone puts the body to rest.

Now being in Chicago for a while. I see how it used to be when life flowed in it's streets. The vibrant history and the fight to stay a float in the turmoil and the wars that had happened on it's streets. Then the wars were lost to the souless legions that have killed the city's spirit. I walk the streets and see everyday the petty, greedy, and envious strip the last vestiges of life from the ones who live and try to keep Chicago's deep heart alive. Though until life comes back to these streets, life in the city will be nearly impossible.

Here I sit watching the people scurry. That's what they do, scurry. Like rats under the gaze of a hungry cat that plays with them until it decides it really does want to eat. Though they unlike the actual city rats do not help each other. By this, I have seen a city rat attacked by a medium sized dog. The dog was possibly a german shepard mix. The rat was quite possibly a youngster as it was not as careful as the others. When the dog latched onto this rat it squealed. There came from the shadows about half a dozen other rats. At least three were the size of a small cat. The dog never stood a chance. All that was left was raw meat. The dog lived long enough to be taken to a vet to be put down. No one made a move to help the dog. there were 5 others besides myself who saw this. The speed and viciousness was probably the only thing that kept me from acting. The others just stood there and stared until it was over and then went their own ways.  If people stood up for each other the way those rats did for their own. This city would never be in the state it is in now.

Packing up my horn now, it was nice just sitting here watching. People occasionally stopped to drop a few coins in my horn case. At least I didn't play a few of the tunes I could. Yes. It's that horn, but without the will behind the power it's just music. I exalt my Father with music. Too bad others just mouth the words or just pretend and lie to themselves about what they do for my Father. He's their Father too, but they forget that. They hold so many things above Him. It's sad. Well, I have to go. Life calls for me to move forward and to go back into the shadows of the crowds. Watching, waiting. Seeing if there is a reason I shouldn't throw in with my brethren who disagree with His choices. After all Jesus wanted peace and goodwill. See how well that was accepted. Little Brother, you had a good heart, but where are these people that actually took what you said to heart?


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