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A Rogue's Mission
Shadows are the world for a rogue. They are cover, protection, and best friends. Something a good rogue never forgets. Though you have your assassins and your blademasters. They are all about the poisons and the weapons mainly and respectively. Me....I'm all about the Shadows. Now I'm not above using a bit of poison or getting my hands on some nice blades. But, give me a dagger and a good target. I'll take a little longer then an assassin in the killing, but the target won't get away unless they are lucky. From hit one they are stunned and unable to attack back.

Given that, I'm on a mission now. It's not so hard. I just have to investigate and find a certain person within the Dustwallow Marsh area. Now I have about as much intel as the human who is investigating this from his side. An inn was destroyed and there are marks pointing towards the Horde. My faction. Though the footprints that were not so covered as they should have been for rogues like us to find them. They point at Dragonkin. In Dustwallow the Dragons you deal with are Black and mean. They have anger issues dating back before humans and orcs ever became enemies. I have heard rumors of a battle between dragons over something called a demonsoul. The rumors could be true as I have seen the dragon skeletons that litter the world. Now I have to go and further my investigations. I will start a log of my findings and the events around them here. 

Scout to Thrall

Lok'tar Ogar.


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