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Writer's Block: Family Is…
What does family mean to you?

Family. Would you mean Blood related or Family that builds up around you? Blood related might not be the family that cares for you and is there for you no matter what. Which is what family is for. Even ancient times family was the closest people around you. Your family changes as you grow older. Only in modern times do we classify friends as seperate from family as a friend was an ally of old. Where you could trust your life with that individual. Family was, and to me at least, a group of people, not related by blood, but by the common caring that they have for one another. 

My blood family abandoned me when I got married without their permission. I have been happily married now for 11 years. While not one of my blood relations has been able to keep a marriage for longer then 3 years. I don't include my grandparents in that family as they were the ones who raised me and helped me get over the problems of a childhood of abuse and neglect.  


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