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 If ever there was a God, there should be one right now. I have heard this spoken by many a people in different words and ways, but it always came back to the doubting of a God. I know God is there. I know He watches over everyone. I also know it must have been easier when there were fewer people in the world to watch over for Him. 

I decided to write something that is based in current fact right now today. There are veterans out there who have no means of supporting themselves. They have programs that would help them if it wasn't for the red tape that the government seems to put on everything. 

Example: HUD VASH

This program is meant to help Veterans, disabled ones especially, to gain permanent and safe residence. Here's the catches: Only if they are truely homeless during the time it takes to get said housing. This means homeless as in no roof over their head the less roof the better and faster they will work. Shelter system is the suggestion from them. No lease, Else you have to get a court ordered eviction or wait until the lease runs out. Again shelter system was suggested. Subsidized or section 8 housing if gotten during this period of waiting or before starting the program you are automatically disqualified for the VASH program as these two programs are paralleling each other. Though they are from different sides of the HUD programs, one being for civilians the other being for military veterans and their families. then if you get into the shelter system they want to be able to contact you regularly. How? You're homeless, maybe have a cellphone with limited minutes (which most times are taken up by telemarketers calling since government numbers are blocked from being seen too)

Example of a shelter within the shelter system they keep pushing these veterans to go into:

The first image is to illustrate how basically civilized we have become. The second is to show a shelter before it is filled with people. See those pads. Those are beds, not just sit here and rest until we bring out the beds. For a disabled person those things are uncomfortable. You get one blanket in most of these places. Thin and woolly military blankets. Now if you have a wool allergy they might have the polyester versions for you. If you are female you might be lucky to find a shelter for female homeless. Though if a woman shows up with kids and you are the only childless woman there. Be ready to move on. Disabled or not, children in a female shelter take precedence over anyone's safety or health. Mens' shelters are usually in the worst neighborhoods. Dirty and lucky if there are enough pads to go around. Neither shelters have decent heating or cooling and you have to be out by 4-5am (6-7am for women in the better shelters) in the morning. You have to get in line for a bed usually by 5pm if they serve dinner before hand. The wait for a bed usually lasts until about 7pm for a dinner, then until 8-9pm just to find out if you are one of the lucky ones and if you were there early enough to get a bed slot. Most shelters turn away 200-500 people a night. In bigger cities they will end up turning away upwards to 2000-3000 people a night for the bigger shelters. They might serve breakfast in the morning for the women with children.

Maybe if people would get out of their self imposed social bubbles and look around. There are houses sitting abandoned, empty, derelict. that could be fixed up, replaced, or any number of things. Then given to these families who need homes. Married couples who get seperated by the current system, families split by shelters because mom has to go to a different shelter with the kids. Dad cannot take his daughter into the shelter who would accept him, but they'll let his son in with him. Social services taking a child from a mother or father who is disabled and unable to get work and the government agencies who are supposed to help have denied her/him multiple times. 

Tell me why America has a homeless problem? With as many help programs as they have to help other countries with their homeless and destitute. Why does America have one of the highest homeless rates in the world? With the amount of surplus they claim they have to these other countries. They should not have anyone on the streets and homeless. 


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