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Big Bang Theory or Why God Said NO to Divorce
 In the beginning there were two Quarks. (excuse me for not going smaller, but the Quarks are the smallest provable part of all matter.) They met and decided they liked each other. Creating a small atom (notice this sounds surprisingly similar to Adam.......).  Now they got along for a while together. Then Quark #2 decides it wants to go off and do something else. Seeing as there was a party going on nearby. Quark #1 refused to let #2 go. Inventing the theory of gravity possibly or even natural attraction, though it was detrimental to partying with other Quarks. God eye balled this problem going on as the argument got pretty loud between the two Quarks. See He was working out something and these two were just near where he was planning something big and had yet to figure out what exactly it would take to create something this big. It was about this time that one of the two made a run for it to go join the party that was going on over there. 

BANG!!!! First splitting of an atom. And God blinked. 

"Damn, That's not good, but hey there's the stuff I needed." He makes a memo that he should not allow divorce to happen again in the far future. Since with life that big bang would be a bad thing........


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